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Auvi-Q/Allerject pouches carry one (UNO) or two (DUO) autoinjectors. Available in a variety of styles that suit the whole family.

Made in Canada from quality neoprene. Why pick neoprene? It helps regulate a constant temperature of the medication; it's weather resistant, easily shedding water and providing protection from sand and dust; it has a thick weave which ensures the auto-injector is protected from light; and its cushioning quality absorbs shock from any bumps to the carrier, protecting the auto-injector.

Note: An auto-injector should always be in its protective case when carried in a pouch. Medication should be kept between 15-30 Celsius/59-86 Fahrenheit. The pouch should not be left in direct sunlight. In cold weather the pouch should be worn underneath a jacket. Blue Bear Aware is not liable for any misuse of the medication.

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Ject UNO Plain Autoinjector Pouch Ject UNO Protector Autoinjector Pouch Ject DUO Bubbles Autoinjector Pouch
Ject UNO Plain
Our Price: $24.95
NEW! Allerject / Auvi-Q Pouch Let everyone know what's inside. Tiny Bubbles
Ject DUO Camouflage Autoinjector Pouch Ject DUO Trucks Autoinjector Pouch Autoinjector Pouch Belt
Autoinjector Pouch Belt
Our Price: $3.45
Blend in. Beep! Beep! Make way for this fun pouch. Extra Belts
Ject DUO Protector Autoinjector Pouch Ject DUO Plain Autoinjector Pouch SPIbelt for EpiPens, Auvi-Q's, inhalers and more!
Kids' SPIbelt
Our Price: $18.99
Let everyone know what's inside. Simple and discreet Carries both EpiPen and Auvi-Q / Allerject!
SPIbelt for EpiPens, Auvi-Q's, inhalers and more! SPIbelt for EpiPens, Auvi-Q's, inhalers and more! Waterproof Bag
SPIbelt Band
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $8.99
You save $1.00!
Waterproof Bags
Our Price: $12.99
Perfect for kids & adults on the go! Waterproof comfort. Carries either EPIPEN or Auvi-Q/ Allerject Keep your valuables dry and protected.
Autoinjector decal Autoinjector decal FRIO Cooling Wallet
New York Style Meow! Beat the heat! Keep it cool!
FRIO Insulating Cooler Case
Keep 'em cool!
Uno and Duo pouch holders will keep your Allerject and Auvi-Q autoinjectors protected from the elements. Made in Canada of weather resistant neoprene, it will also help regulate a constant temperature.
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